Zone of Genius Tracker


Consider this Tracker a weekly check-in, where you can track your ability to be in your Zone of Genius and operate at your peak.

At the end of each week, take time to reflect on these questions. Answer each question thoughtfully and truthfully in the response section. Some questions will prompt you to enter a score—depending on the question, you’ll be rating your effectiveness, frequency of an event, amount of impact, etc., with 0 being the lowest/worst score and 5 being the highest/best score. We’ll use these numerical scores to plot your progress and compare across sections. Strive for a score of 4 or 5; anything less than that will help you pinpoint your challenges. Overall your lack of challenge and fulfillment is the biggest indicator that you are not fully leveraging your Zone of Genius in your job.

Score guidelines for determining your rating. 5 = 100% 4 = 80% 3 = 50% 2 = 20% 1 = 5% 0 = 0%

1. Challenge: Accessing Your Genius

Ensuring you’re pro-actively using your Genius
Were you in the Zone 0-5 times this week?
Score 0-5

2. Impact: Measuring the Use of Your Purpose

Having the impact you desire for yourself and others
How would you assess your impact on others this week?
Score 0-5
How much of this actual impact was in line with your purpose?
Score 0-5

3. Embracing You: Not Falling Prey to the Urge to Conform

Being connected to yourself in the midst of collaborating with others
b) How often this week did you feel as though your ideas, voice or presence was not appreciated?
(Use a negative score here, 0=never felt this way, -5=significant amount of unappreciation)
c) How often did you feel that your environment and your colleagues were a good fit for your Zone of Genius and personality?
Score 0-5
This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.