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Genius Trackers

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Performance Tracker

This tool has helped thousands of leaders understand every aspect of their work life so they can maximize their performance. If you’re asking yourself any big, job-related questions—What is my next big step? What am I best at? What brings me joy and gives me meaning at work? In what situations do I struggle?—this tracker will help you track your behaviors, identify patterns, and understand the exact next steps toward career growth and fulfillment.

Zone of Genius Tracker

The key to happiness at work is knowing your Zone of Genius—the magic that happens when you’re doing the type of thinking you’re best at and having the kind of impact that’s most meaningful to you. But that’s just the first step! This tool will make sure you’re in the Zone regularly as well as building the habits that are essential for being who you are at work. If you’ve never used a performance tracker before, we recommend starting with this one.

Motivation Tracker

We all struggle to stay motivated all the time. But what we don’t realize is that motivation isn’t just a feeling we have to wait for—it’s something we can cultivate. This tracker will give you insight into what drives moments of high or low motivation so you can replicate what’s working and move away from what’s not. It’s an especially great tool to use in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis when we’re outside of our working norms and struggling to stay proactive.

Be Who You are Tracker

Being who you are at work and at life is fraught with challenges.  More often than not we mold ourselves to our environments and then question why we don’t feel as energized and fulfilled as we’d like. The Be Who You Are Tracker will help you build awareness around the unconscious ways you’re not Being Who You Are at work. Whether it’s your psychology, your company culture, or falling prey to the power of conformity, the tracker will help you diagnose the root cause of what’s holding you back and shift the bad behavior habits that are preventing you from bringing your Zone of Genius and yourself forward in your job and career.

Job Seeker Tracker

Navigating a job search is incredibly stressful. To make sure you’re approaching the process and making decisions with clarity, it’s crucial to manage your mindset and confidence levels. This tracker will help you get clear on what’s driving any self-esteem issues and empower you to adjust your course so that your energy is high for networking, interviews, and negotiation.

Relationship Clarity Tracker

Relationships can be a source of joy and also a source of exhausting difficulty. What we have not been taught to focus on, is how often you’re able to show up truly as you are, versus molding yourself to what is needed to make the relationship work. There is also a lack of tools to help diagnose relationship problems accurately so that if you need professional help, you know what kind of therapist or coach to seek out. Welcome to the Relationship Clarity Tracker, your go-to tool for understanding your current long-term romantic relationship more clearly. Using this every week will help you finally get clear on what’s working and what’s not AND most importantly, answer the question, “Is your relationship helping you become more of who you are and want to be, or doing the opposite”?

The Worry Tracker

Introducing The Worry Tracker where you can get more acquainted with your worry habits. You can work to eliminate your worries, however it begins with being able to identify, evaluate, and then eliminate them. This tracker is a powerful tool, that if used regularly will help you eliminate worry.

The Vision Actualizer Tracker

Consider this Tracker a weekly check-in, where you can track your ability to actualize your vision or visions for your career, relationship, or life.

Genius Decisions Tracker

This tracker is crafted to deepen your connection with your inner self and establish a habit of monitoring the aspects crucial for making Genius decisions. If you find yourself navigating the DEFINE Genius Decision process and encountering uncertainty regarding values and accessing your inner world, take a moment to pause and engage with this tracker for a few weeks. It will assist you in honing the skill of recognizing, appreciating, and utilizing the inherent wisdom within you.