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Don’t take our word for it. Let some of our clients share their “Come to Genius” moments.

“The process was amazing. The feeling I felt after each session is exactly how I want my patients to feel after a consultation or appointment with me. Laura really listened and she is so perceptive. I am just so blown away by her insight.”

— Janice Tonado Powice, Audiologist

“I knew I was a big picture person, but prior to talking to Laura, I didn’t realize this was my strength and that it would help me succeed. Now that I know this, I use my genius in my pitches and am more proactive putting it to work.”

— Jagganath S. Rajagopal, CEO/Founder, Newco
“It was like magic. Laura had questions that affirmed some things I knew, but with her insight I uncovered so much more that I didn’t know about myself and how my clients perceived the impact of my work.”
— Rochelle Herring, Vision Strategist
“I would describe the experiences as: Insightful, profound, life-changing. If someone is interested in stripping away false impressions, connecting with your inner self and manifesting the best one can be, then work with Laura.”
— Fred LeFranc, CEO/Founder, Results Thru Strategy
“Laura Garnett’s approach is unique because it’s a compelling mix of grounding theory and practice. She references and synthesizes many profound bodies of work around happiness, success, and performance. Then, integrates pragmatic ways to take action.”
— Kristen Robinson, Chief People Officer, Splunk

we’re in good company

We work with companies large and small to help their executive teams collaborate more effectively. When individuals understand their own strengths and motivations, a generosity of working with others emerges, resulting in a dramatic impact on team cohesion, shared vision, and outcomes that directly translate to the bottom line.

“Laura helped me re-wire my thinking and how I approach the world. These are things that I dreamed about but I didn’t know how to put words or actions to them. The tracker has helped me stay aligned with myself and my vision.”

— Cameron Taylor, Strategist, Forth LLC


“Laura helped me identify my personal strengths and passions, which has helped me clarify my goals, understand where I need help, and avoid some pitfalls I had been constantly stumbling into. After working with Laura, I have a deeper understanding of why I feel strongly about certain things and how that affects the way I think and how I lead. I am able to tune my leadership to what I do best.”

— Andy Simpson, Design and Development Expert