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You lead a team. You want your team to be inspired and energized at work.

You want people to be proactive with new ideas to make themselves and the organization thrive.  You want to see everyone operating at peak performance. 10 out of 10.

Perhaps you’ve tried certain things to motivate your team (free pizza, lunchtime yoga, dangling an incentive— like a bonus— in front of them) but it hasn’t worked as well as you hoped.

You may be wondering, “What else could I try?”


Right now, you may be thinking:

  • “How can I inspire people to care?”

  • “How can I bring out the best in each person on my team?”

  • “I would love my team members to work more efficiently and get more done in less time—so they can take Fridays off and have longer vacations. How can we achieve that?”

  • “The pandemic has taken a toll on people’s health and morale. How can I get people feeling energized?”

  • “When my team isn’t doing well, it reflects poorly on me. I don’t want that to happen.”

  • “My team is actually doing very well—but I know we could take things to the next level.”


  • “Everyone is clear on what gets (and keeps) them engaged and motivated.”

  • “My team is solving problems when they happen, rather than complaining about them.” 

  • “My team is working efficiently and collaborating extremely well.”

  • “I truly have a dream team!”


Take the Zone of Genius Quiz

There is a particular kind of thinking or problem-solving that you can do extremely well. This is your Zone of Genius. Find out what yours is— with this lightning-fast quiz.

Once you understand your Zone and how to use it at work, you become more inspired, and you energize those around you. Encourage each team member to do the quiz, too. Compare results.

Get the Guide: 8 Signs Your Top Talent Is Preparing To Leave— And How To Stop It

In this guide, learn the signs that some of your employees are preparing to leave. This guide also covers what to do if you sense that someone’s about to leave, and how to inspire your top performers to stay.

Work with an Expert Coach

At Garnett Consulting, we work with individuals, teams, and organizations. Our objective is to help each person identify their Zone of Genius— and then work in the Zone for at least 70% of each workday. 

Once this happens, projects get accomplished 10 times faster, people can’t wait to come into work on Monday, and your company secures a reputation as an exciting and desirable place to work. 

Learn more about working together (either 1-on-1, or in a team format) and become a client.

“Laura radiates with energy and enthusiasm! Her confidence is contagious and her presence within a room is magnetizing.”

— Janice Dru, President, Inkwhy, Inc.


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