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You are fueled by a desire to be the best you can be—at work, in your relationships, and as a parent.

And you’re willing to do the work to get there.

It begins with knowing that the answers are within—that despite society’s rules and external advice, your greatest impact comes when you are unapologetically who you are. In our sessions together, you will come to understand your genius, purpose, and blind spots, and how to leverage this knowledge to make success inevitable and ongoing.


Phase 1: Fulfilling Work

Identify your Zone of Genius, breakthrough success barriers, and reengineer how you operate so that you increase your influence, joy, engagement, and fulfillment at work.

Phase 2: Nourishing Relationships

Get clear on who you are and what you want from your relationship. Identify and rewrite the rules that don’t serve you, and learn how to honor who you are in partnership with others.

Phase 3: Baggage-Free Parenting

Using the lessons you’ve learned in your own life, support your children in being their authentic selves and identifying the barriers that may be getting in the way.



5 Sessions

In 5 transformative sessions, we’ll walk you through the process of discovering your Zone of Genius and more deeply understanding who you are. You’ll learn the habit of bringing what you’re best at to your work every day while building key success practices for your existing or future roles. This package also includes identifying your performance barriers and mindsets that have been holding you back in your career and reversing them—so greatness at work becomes a given.

Senior or Associate Performance Strategist: $6,500


8 Sessions

This 8-session package is for leaders who want to skyrocket their career trajectory and impact their business results substantially. We’ll start with the Be Who You Are at Work process, then have an additional 3 sessions for in-depth support in extending your influence to your direct reports and beyond while helping you improve your productivity and team efficiency. This package also involves helping elevate executive presence and leading in a way that is aligned with who you are.

Laura $15,000
Performance Strategist: $9,500


1 Session

In this single 1-hr session, we’ll identify your Zone of Genius, create powerful language that describes what you do best, understand if you’re in the right job, and crystalize your career vision.

Laura $1,875
Performance Strategist: $1,200


1 Session

In this 1-hour session with Laura, we’ll help you identify your and your partner’s Zone of Genius and get clarity on your deepest relationship questions, like:

• Why is my relationship not working? What is the root issue?

• What is my own relationship vision, and is it possible to achieve that with my partner?

• What kind of support is needed to help embolden who I am and who my partner is in our relationship?

• How can I feel more nourished and healed in my relationship?

• I have deep desires that are being unmet. Is it possible and how do I get these met with my current or future partners?

• I’m in a relationship that is good—but how do I make it great?

• What are the right compromises to make that don’t also sacrifice my soul, my identity, and my desires?

1 hour $1,875 (Individual)
1.5 hours $3,000 (Couples)

For Teams

We work with executive teams and cross-functional groups to bring about transformational shifts in how they work together. Explore our team offers.

Not sure which package is right for you?

We’re here to help, and we’d love to hear from you. Schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss how uncovering your Genius can take you to the next level. Contact us.