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Is Your Relationship Helping Or Hurting Your Success?


You’re in a romantic relationship—but something is not right.  Something feels “off.” Maybe a little bit off. Maybe a lot.

You might be dealing with a recurring pattern that keeps coming up. Or, you have a growing inkling that something is missing. You want more intimacy, more excitement, want to feel desired, or there’s something else that’s missing that’s difficult to pin down.

You may have tried therapy, counseling, reading books, or you’ve listened to countless podcasts on love.  But these efforts haven’t improved things very much, or at all. The issue persists.


Right now, you may be thinking:

  • “Why do we keep getting stuck in this pattern?”

  • “Is it possible to create a shift in this relationship?”

  • “This same thing happened with my last partner. Why is this happening again?”

  • “Nothing is majorly wrong. Why do things just feel ‘off’?”

  • “Should I stay in this relationship? Should I leave? How can I make this decision?”


  • “My desires are clear and are being met in my relationship.”

  • “I’m showing up as who I am, communicating what I need, and it’s being received well by my partner.”

  • “I know what healthy intimacy is and how to nurture it.”

  • “I am having the best sex of my life!”

When your relationship is going well, it’s a source of limitless energy in your life. It fills your cup. It helps you become your strongest and greatest self.

When it’s not going well, it sucks the light out of your eyes. It causes you to be preoccupied, distracted, and exhausted. Now is the moment to either improve your relationship or get out. 


Take the Zone of Genius Quiz

There is a particular kind of thinking or problem-solving that you can do extremely well. This is your Zone of Genius. Find out what yours is— with this lightning-fast quiz.

Once you understand your Zone of Genius, you understand what you need in order to feel valued, appreciated, and nurtured in your relationship. Encourage your partner to do the quiz, too. Compare results.

Get the Quiz: Is Your Relationship Making your Life Better or Worse?

A great relationship makes you feel unstoppable. A poor relationship depletes you and blocks you from achieving what you want. How you feel in your relationship— and how you perform at work— are closely correlated. As much as we try to compartmentalize and keep things separate, we can’t. 

In this quiz you’ll discover if your relationship is the “joyful” kind of hard, or painfully hard.

Work 1:1 with a Relationship Clarity Strategist

Book a 1-hour Relationship Clarity session. Attend solo (or with your partner) and get clarity on your deepest relationship questions, like:

How can we take this relationship from poor to good— or from good to great? 

Why do things feel so exhausting lately and what is the root issue? 

How can we both feel more nourished and healed in this relationship? 

What needs are going unmet, and how can I get these needs met by my current (or future) partner?

If we need a couples therapist, what is our core issue and what kind of therapist is an ideal fit with that issue?

You’ll leave this session feeling relief— with a greater understanding of what’s going on and what to do next.

“The process was amazing. The feeling I felt after each session is exactly how I want my patients to feel after a consultation or appointment with me. Laura really listened and she is so perceptive. I am just so blown away by her insight.”

— Janice Tonado Powice, Audiologist


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