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Quizzes & Assessments

The Zone of Genius Quiz

Take this quiz to fast-track your self-awareness and give you two data points that will change your career and your life: What you’re best at and what will give you purpose.

Performance Check-in Quiz

This quiz will help you assess how you’re performing at work, including the areas you are mastering and those you’re struggling in. It will show you how you measure up against the key principles of great performance: engagement, motivation, decision-making, mindset, confidence, managing failure, well-being, and productivity.

Professional Support for Your Job Search Quiz

This quiz will allow you to see how confident and well-versed you are at managing an effective job search and the likelihood you can land a job you truly love.

Burnout Quiz

Are you burned out? Take a moment to reflect on your well-being with this brief quiz. If you find yourself frequently waking up in the middle of the night with a racing mind and heart, regularly operating in reactive mode, questioning your abilities, feeling irritable, struggling to get sufficient sleep, and forgetting the joy of work, this quiz is for you.

Confidence Quiz

How confident are you? Reflect on your self-perception with this insightful quiz. This quiz is designed to provide valuable insights into your confidence levels and mental well-being, offering a meaningful opportunity for introspection and personal growth.

The Be Who You Are Quiz

Are you truly embodying your authentic self both at work and in your personal life? It might sound straightforward, but the reality is, that being true to ourselves is a skill that requires cultivation. Uncovering and shifting the unconscious patterns that hinder our authenticity is key. Take this quiz to gauge your alignment with your truth, your Zone of Genius, and your ability to live the life you desire, rather than the one you’ve been conditioned to accept.