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You’re already very good (even great) at what you do. But you want to become even better. In all areas—work, home, relationships, parenting—you want to perform at your absolute best. You have a big vision for your life. 

You want to feel energized, inspired, and bring everything to the next level.


Right now, you may be thinking:

  • “I’m already very good—but I want to be better.”

  • “I have an ambitious vision and I want to get there—faster.”

  • “I feel like I’ve hit a plateau—how do I hit the next level and keep climbing?”

  • “I feel a lot of responsibility to my team, employees, clients, customers (or, to my kids). I owe it to them to be my greatest self.”

  • “I have achieved impressive things in my professional life. I’d like to bring that same level of success to my personal life, too.”

  • “I want more, across the board. More creativity. More energy. More vitality. I want to feel like I’m operating at my highest potential.”

You’re what we call a Performance Maximizer. You want to maximize success in all areas of life. 


  • “I have found my calling. I’m doing the greatest work of my life.”

  • “I am deliriously happy, because I’m operating at an extremely high level in all areas.”

  • “I have no regrets with my career, love, and parenting.” 

  • “I know I’m bringing the best of what I have to offer in every way.”

  • “If I’m not in a good place, I know why and can use it to learn and grow.”


Take the Zone of Genius Quiz

There is a particular kind of thinking or problem-solving that you can do extremely well. This is your Zone of Genius. Find out what yours is— with this lightning-fast quiz.

Get the Zone of Genius Tracker

Download this tool. You know those moments when you feel completely in the Zone? Completely focused, energized, and producing your greatest work? This tracker helps you remove the barriers that block you from being in that state.

Work 1:1 with an Expert Strategist

To quote one client, Lauren Nagel, Vice President at Pandora: “My work with Laura was transformational.” 

In 1 hour together, we can uncover where you are, where you want to be, and how to get there 10 times faster. 

Learn more about working together and become a client.

Get the Guide: Quarterly Success Planner

This worksheet helps me, my team, and my clients collect data on a quarterly basis in order to plan an even more successful next quarter. It’s our secret weapon for increasing results, success, and happiness!

“Laura helped me rewire my thinking and how I approach the world. These are things that I dreamed about but I didn’t know how to put words or actions to them. The tracker has helped me stay aligned with myself and my vision.”

— Cameron Taylor, Strategist, Forth LLC


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