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Laura Garnett’s
Movement Class

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The Movement class is right for you if you’re:

1. In need of the following:
    a. A big idea
    b. A decision on something you’ve been wrestling with for some time
    c. Clarity on a word for 2023 or just powerful insights
2. Looking for a movement practice to increase your confidence, energy, acceptance of yourself, and feel more powerful as you end the year and prepare for a new one
3. Wanting to explore a new way of working out that will be good for your body and soul
4. Have read read The Genius Habit and are looking for a physical practice to bolster your energy with the already insightful change The Genius Habit has brought to your career and life

No dance experience is required! The class structure will be the following:

  • Beginning 5 min meditation by Laura
  • Dance for 45 minutes—the music starts slow, gets faster, then slows down for a meditative cool-down
  • 10 minutes for reflections and sharing to wrap up the experience


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