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You’re ready to find a new job. It’s possible you just got fired or laid off. Or, you’re employed but feeling dissatisfied in your current situation. 

You might be miserable at work. Or, you may be fairly content—but even so, something is calling you elsewhere.


Right now, you may be thinking:

  • “Something about this job just doesn’t fit.”

  • “I don’t feel like I’m ‘succeeding’ at work.”

  • “My boss has told me that I need to improve, which feels humiliating and awkward.”

  • “I feel bored, unmotivated, or distracted in my current job. And I don’t even know why!”

  • “I feel okay about my current job, but I feel like I’m ‘done’ here and it’s time for a new chapter.”

  • “I’m unemployed and I need to find a new position. But, I don’t want to take just any job. I want something that’s going to be a great fit.”

  • “Every single job I’ve ever had, eventually, I hated it and dreaded going into work. I don’t want to feel that way with my next job. I want things to be different.”

Seeking a new job is an opportunity to bring your life to a new level. While it can be a scary time, it’s also exciting. You have a blank slate. Fresh start. A chance to become the greatest version of yourself. 


  • “I’m excited about my job hunt. Anything is possible.”

  • “I can have a job that I love and get compensated well.”

  • “Finding a new job is an opportunity to up-level my life.”

  • “I understand why my last job didn’t work out, and how to ensure that my next job is an excellent fit.”


Take the Zone of Genius Quiz

There is a particular kind of thinking or problem-solving that you can do extremely well. This is your Zone of Genius. Find out what yours is—with this lightning-fast quiz. 

Once you understand your Zone of Genius, you can choose a new job that’s a perfect fit for what you do best.

Read Find Your Zone of Genius

If you feel like something is off in your career—you feel bored, frustrated, stressed, unmotivated, or struggle to achieve the results that you’ve been hired to deliver—this book is for you. 

The problem isn’t “you.” The problem is that you haven’t found a job that fits your Zone of Genius. Read this book to make sure that your next job is the right one.

Get the Workbook: Are You Too Loyal To Your Employer?

In this workbook, learn the six signs that you’re ready to move on from your current employer. 

Loyalty is an admirable quality. But there are moments in life when you need to choose what’s right for you—even if your employer is disappointed to see you go. Ultimately, this change is a win-win for everyone involved.

Work 1:1 with an Expert Strategist

Being unemployed (or contemplating leaving a job) can be overwhelming. Having a professional coach makes all the difference. Let’s get you into your dream job—faster. 

Learn more about working together and become a client.

“I knew I was a big picture person, but prior to talking to Laura, I didn’t realize this was my strength and that it would help me succeed. Now that I know this, I use my genius in my pitches and am more proactive in putting it to work.”

— Jagganath S. Rajagopal, CEO/Founder, Newco


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