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Invigorate Your Team With A Day of Engagement & Motivation


You lead a team or company.  And, there’s a shift that you want to see. You want to shift performance from good to great. Or, shift your team from discouraged to inspired. Or, from lethargic to energized. Or, from distracted to focused.

There’s a change you’d like to see— and you want to see it as rapidly as possible.

You might be curious about hiring Laura Garnett (and Garnett Consulting) for a one-day workshop for your team. 

One powerful day of engagement and motivation.


Right now, you may be thinking:

  • “How can we fast-track our success and achieve big things, faster?”

  • “What’s one thing I could do this week that would make a significant difference for my company?”

  • “How can I help each team member to perform at their absolute best?”


  • “Wow, I’m blown away by the energy and ideas coming from this organization.”

  • “Referrals are off the charts! So many people want to work for us.”

  • “I didn’t think it was possible to reduce burnout and increase motivation so quickly, but it’s happening.”

  • “We’ve gotten better and more productive by adopting The Genius Habit across the board.”

  • “Our people are managing themselves and their careers in a way I didn’t think was possible.”


Book Laura for a One-day Presentation or a Virtual Workshop that Electrifies Your Team

Laura’s past speaking events include TedX, Adobe, MTV, Talent Plus, HCL Technologies, Women’s International MBA, WPO/YPO, World Summit on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, and Time Warner Cable.

To quote one workshop attendee: “I feel more helped by yesterday’s session than anything else I’ve done at my organization in my last four years.”

Laura and her team can create a custom presentation especially for your company. 

Learn more about working together and reach out to discuss your goals.

Start a Genius Habit Book Club

Encourage your team members to read Laura’s book, The Genius Habit, and start a Book Club to go through the book together. 

Download the free Book Club guide to facilitate productive conversations and help each person discover, “How can I perform at my absolute best at work, and everywhere else in life?”

“Laura radiates with energy and enthusiasm! Her confidence is contagious and her presence within a room is magnetizing.”

— Janice Dru, President, Inkwhy, Inc.


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Learn how to feel inspired, energized, and unstoppable not only in your career, but in all areas of life—dating, relationships, parenting, and beyond.