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Get Crystal Clear & Change Your Life


Something in your life (or career) feels stressful, difficult, clunky, or just “off.” You might feel dread or heaviness about a particular situation. You might be wrestling with a decision and feeling uncertain.

You are seeking clarity.


Right now, you may be thinking:

  • “I don’t understand what my purpose is.”

  • “I don’t really get what makes me valuable, impressive, or important.”

  • “I thought this would be my dream job, career, or business…but it isn’t.”

  • “I feel like there is more I could be doing with my life.”

  • “I want to perform at a very high level—at work and in my personal life too—but I don’t know how to get there.”

  • “I’m wrestling with a decision. Should I stay or go?”


  • “I am so clear on what I want.”

  • “I know exactly what I need to do next.”

  • “I trust my instincts. I’m no longer asking everyone else for input.”


Take the Zone of Genius Quiz

There is a particular kind of thinking or problem-solving that you can do extremely well. This is your Zone of Genius. Find out what yours is— with this lightning-fast quiz.

Once you understand your Zone, this will help clarify why you’ve been feeling “off” lately and what to do about it.

Get the Performance Tracker

Download this tool. Use it to explore these questions— What is my next big step? What am I best at? What brings me joy and gives me meaning at work?— and find answers faster.

Get Expert Performance Strategy

In 1 hour together, we can get to the crux of the issue that’s been plaguing you— and find the clarity you need. Learn more about working together and become a client.

Take the Course: Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

This is an online course for anyone who is wrestling with a big decision at work, at home, or anywhere else. Get clarity— faster.

Get the Guide: 20 Journal Prompts to Know Yourself Better

If you’d like to fast-track your greatness, begin with gaining clarity. Specifically, who you are and what you truly want. Gaining clarity is the first thing I tackle with new clients. In this guide, I’m sharing the 20 journal prompts that I use with my clients to help them get crystal clear.

“Laura helped me identify my personal strengths and passions, which has helped me clarify my goals, understand where I need help, and avoid some pitfalls I had been constantly stumbling into. After working with Laura, I have a deeper understanding of why I feel strongly about certain things and how that affects the way I think and how I lead. I am able to tune my leadership to what I do best.”

— Andy Simpson, Design and Development Expert


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