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Genius Habit Book Club


The Genius Habit Book Club is here!

• Have you been yearning to take some bold steps with your career?

• Are you wanting to re-think your approach to work so that you can achieve some audacious goals?

• Are you building your business, feeling isolated and in need of a program to help maximize your potential?

• Have you purchased The Genius Habit and are eager to discuss all of the topics and insights you’ve been having with others?

• Are you leading a team that needs to be more collaborative and cohesive?

• Are you in a Book Club and are seeking your next book?

• Are you thinking of gathering some friends or colleagues together to collectively support each other with some growth and development?

• Book sold separately.**

If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Genius Habit Book Club is for you. It will provide a group dynamic to better support behavior change, while helping you elevate your performance and gain deeper insight into who you are and how to use your best weapon – yourself. You’re guaranteed to catapult your performance and work experience. I developed this product because I know when you work with a team, accountability happens, support happens, and you get the opportunity to connect with others while making significant progress on your own growth.

This product is ideal for

• A team at any level, in any organization, that has a desire to know each other more deeply, be more productive and prioritize their workload by leveraging the strengths of each other.

• A group of friends that work in a variety of different places that want to come together and collectively take their work performance and experience to new heights.

• A group of entrepreneurs that want to escalate their business results while being true to themselves and with the support of other entrepreneurial friends.

• Any employee who wants to gather other colleagues in different areas of the business as an effort to network cross functionally and build relationships with individuals that have a strong desire to take their performance and potential to the next level.

What you can expect from the experience

• Deep awareness of what type of work is linked to high motivation and challenge.

• Accountability for solidifying a habit of managing your own engagement levels and self-awareness, in addition to building confidence and curiosity in the face of diversity and differences.

• Clarity around your definition of success, your zone of genius and your career vision.

• Identification of performance barriers and solutions to reverse them.

• Strategies for improving team cohesiveness and efficiency.

"after reading the Genius Habit, I now realize that I’ve been misdiagnosing the source of my career frustration for years."

— Amazon review

The Genius Habit Book Club meeting structure is as follows:

• 8 meetings that occur ideally every 2 weeks.

• Each meeting is ideally 1.5 hours, assuming there are 8 people attending, less if the group is smaller.

• There is one leader who purchases the package and is coordinating the meetings. Leadership can be rotated, but it’s up to each group to decide which works best for them.

• Each meeting is structured to start with a video overview of the reading that was assigned to do before attending. The rest of the time is split so that each person has time to share their thoughts and reactions.

Everything you need to manage The Genius Habit Book Club experience is included with your purchase. You will receive:

• A clear roadmap for each of the eight meetings. This includes a video, agenda, questions for your group to answer and homework for the next meeting.

• A Performance Tracker Template that everyone will start using after the 2nd meeting, along with a video guide and instructions on how to use it.

• An email reminder sent to the leader every two weeks that includes links to all of the information you will need for the meeting to run smoothly.

• Access to a resource page that everyone in the group will be able to utilize which includes all of the material needed for each meeting.

• This is a virtual service. The book is not included and should be purchased separately.**

This is an easy to follow process that will allow you and your group to get the most out of The Genius Habit experience. After going through The Genius Habit Book Club, the success you desire at work will no longer be a guessing game. You’ll know exactly what you need to do and you’ll finally be able to take your performance and potential to the next level.