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Are Your Goals Big Enough? (Ask Yourself These 7 Questions to Find Out)

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What are your goals?

Write them down, take a hard look at them, and then ask yourself, “Are my goals big enough?”

Answer honestly.

My clients are highly driven, ambitious people who want to do big things in the world. I’ve helped many get really clear on their goals, outline exactly how they’ll make them happen, and then do just that in half the time they expected. I’ve witnessed countless individuals achieve what they thought would take years in just six to eight months.

In many cases, it’s because they should’ve dreamed bigger. They were capable of much more, but they didn’t know it or believe it, so the goals they set for themselves were far too easy.

And I know—it’s tempting to set easier goals. Who doesn’t want to be able to cross things off their list? But trust me: You deserve much more than that. And while those bigger goals may be intimidating, you have what it takes to achieve them (and probably more).

But how?” you may be wondering. The key is having visions and goals that are aligned with who you are, in addition to committing to a disciplined process. Most people fall short when their goals are ego-driven (Do you really want the promotion, or do you just think people will respect you more with that title?), when they’re a reaction to our achievement-based society’s message that bigger is always better, or when they feed into the ever-present need to “outdo” others.

I strongly believe that you can have it all, but that “all” must be grounded in your values, who you are, and a regular practice in prioritization.

So, how do you know when you’re stretching in a way that’s beneficial to your career and life (versus detrimental)?

7 Questions to Ask Yourself About Your Goals

Here are some foolproof questions I ask myself and my clients when deciding which goals are the right ones to pursue:

  1. Are you able to leverage your Zone of Genius to achieve this goal? (Find out what your Zone of Genius is here.)
  2. Does the idea of achieving this goal truly excite you?
  3. When you slow down, get quiet, and reflect, does your gut shout “YES!” to this goal?
  4. When you focus all your effort on this goal, does it sometimes feel like everything is coming together to work with you, like the universe is on your side?
  5. Is the fear or negative chatter that accompanies this goal the kind of fear and negative thinking you want to overcome and reverse? As in, will chasing this goal help you rewire internal beliefs you know aren’t serving you?
  6. Is working toward this goal in alignment with your other commitments in life, such as your family, romantic partnerships, community commitments, and parenting? (FYI: If the answer to this question is consistently no, it’s an indication that your other commitments are more important now and need to be the priority, or that you’re growing in a different direction. That’s not necessarily a bag thing; it’s just something to notice, dig into, and explore. You may need to pause your efforts toward your goal so you can figure out how to come into better alignment.)
  7. Do you have a worst-case scenario plan, one that’s not damaging to yourself or your family, in case this goal isn’t achieved?

If you can say yes to the majority of these questions, it’s highly likely that the goal in question is exactly the kind you should be pursuing. Continue to ask yourself these questions throughout the process. Most goals can be modified as you progress to ensure you’re balancing being responsible and being bold.

If you say no to most of the questions, then it’s probably time to set new goals! My team and I can help you do that.

So, let me know in the comments: What are your goals, and are they big enough?


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