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Getting Fired Was My Best Career Move. I just didn’t know it yet.

For the first 35 years of my life, I blasted through a series of roles at top-tier companies like Google and Capital One. Fueled by the outward validation, I settled into what I thought would be the career of a lifetime as I jumped the hoops of achievements, promotions, and ever-higher bars for approval.

Then I got laid off. And it was hard to resist feeling like a failure.

For the first time in my adult life, I was not making an impressive income, collecting accolades, or traveling the world as a model employee. My psyche burned for me to get back on the success wagon—to follow the rules handed to us from society like:

  • More money equals more happiness
  • Achievements and accomplishments are what matter most at work
  • The ideal relationship is one that lasts a lifetime
  • How our lives look to others is more important than how we feel

Determined not to fail again, I dove into the science, psychology, and neuroscience of success—only to discover that the rules I’d been playing by were all wrong.

That's when I realized, it's time to flip the script.

Instead of:

Caring what others think ➜ Honor your instinct and your own unique path

Instead of:

Following the rules you’ve been handed ➜ Break the rules that don’t serve you and create your own

Instead of:

Sacrificing your health for achievements ➜ Prioritize your wellbeing to maximize your output and energy

Instead of:

Following the advice of others that don’t understand you ➜ Seek support from those who truly connect and understand your value

Instead of:

Prioritizing how things look to others ➜ Focus on the process and the experience you want in your career, life, and love

Instead of:

Molding yourself to fit your job, relationship, or society ➜ Get clear on who you are and shape your world around that.

Instead of:

Thinking that who you are isn’t enough ➜ Embrace your Zone of Genius and build a habit of consistently honoring and evolving in a way that is right for who you want to be.

I committed to a whole new way of approaching my career. One that is guided by the core of who I am and what I do best.

Since then, my life, parenting, and relationships are a continual journey towards fulfilling all of my deepest desires. I know you are destined for the same.