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Let’s create your Legacy
I help high-achieving leaders achieve their goals in half the time they expect with less stress, zero burnout, and never-ending joy. Start today by identifying your Zone of Genius using our free Zone of Genius Quiz.


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Laura Garnett is the bestselling author of Find Your Zone of Genius and The Genius Habit, and has been featured in:


—Anna Baldwin, SSCA

Recognized by Business Insider’s Most Innovative Career Coaches in 2020

Meet the Founder

Hi, I’m Laura Garnett. 

Here’s what I believe with all my heart: 

Everyone has a Zone of Genius and the potential to be great. You don’t need to become somebody else. You need to be exactly who you are. 

So, do you know who you are? Do you know your greatest gift and purpose? If not, I’m here to help you find out—and it’s going to be a lightning-fast process. 

Once my clients start operating from their Zone of Genius, they describe it as feeling unstoppable. They reach their career visions faster than they expected. They stop feeling drained by work. They perform at an extremely high level. At work, at home, with the kids, every part of your life transforms.

I want every single person on earth to feel unstoppable. This is my mission. I’m achieving it, one client at a time.

What I love most about this work is how rapidly it changes your life. It’s astonishingly fast. 

If this sounds exciting, become a client, and let’s get started.

What's your performance challenge?


Achieve Clarity

Something in your life (or career) feels stressful, difficult, clunky, or just “off.” You might feel dread or heaviness about a particular situation. You might be wrestling with a decision and feeling uncertain. You are seeking clarity.

Maximize Your Performance

You’re already very good (even great) at what you do. But, you want to become even better. In all areas— work, home, relationships, parenting—you want to perform at an extremely high level. You have a big vision for your life.  You want to feel energized, and inspired, and bring everything to the next level.

Seek a new Job

You’re ready to find a new job. It’s possible you just got fired or laid off. Or, you’re employed but feeling dissatisfied in your current situation. You might be absolutely miserable at work. Or, you may be fairly content— but even so, something is calling you elsewhere. 

Optimize Your Relationship

You’re in a romantic relationship— but something is not right.  Something feels “off.” Maybe a little bit off. Maybe a lot. You may have tried therapy, counseling, reading books, or you’ve listened to countless podcasts on love. But these efforts haven’t improved things very much, or at all. The issue persists.


Reenergize Your Team & Their Performance In A Post-Pandemic World

You lead a team. You want your team to be inspired and energized at work. Perhaps you’ve tried certain things to motivate your team but it hasn’t worked as well as you hoped. You may be wondering, “What else could I try?”

Invigorate Your Team With A Day of Engagement & Motivation

You lead a team or company. And there’s a change you’d like to see— and you want to see it as rapidly as possible. You might be curious about hiring Laura Garnett (and Garnett Consulting) for a one-day workshop for your team. One powerful day of engagement and motivation.


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Learn how to feel inspired, energized, and unstoppable not only in your career, but in all areas of life—dating, relationships, parenting, and beyond.